Novella Blurb: Car Parts & Hearts

As I complete a third of the story through my blog posts during  NaBloPoMo, I wanted to see if I could hook anyone with what you might find on the back cover if this had been a piece in print. Wouldn’t you figure it a good bit of practice for a writer in the submission process? 🙂 Perhaps, my sharing will allow an example for others looking to bait their own readers. One just has to be sure they have the right taste for what swims in the waters.

When she left her life behind in Denver, the last thing Denise Sorenson planned on hooking in the Rocky Mountains was a romantic interest. Determined to flee the memories haunting her, she hitchhikes, but her past follows in a string of suspicious car wrecks; the drivers resembling the man who had broken her heart. Forced to face the emerging truths, Denise must admit her past before it takes the life of the only man interested in saving her, one fishing trip at a time.



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