Nods to NaBloPoMo

What a ride this event has made of November. I’ve learned of what I am capable. Reaching the halfway milestone was a climb up the roller coaster and, near the top, I was teetering, ready for the quickest descent which would have been off the edge, straight to the ground, except I stayed on the track. I gained momentum after cresting the hill feeling the safely catch of gravity under the gradual repelling force of the roller coaster cart. I’m not done yet but now is a good time to pour forth appreciation for NaBloPoMo.

I even begun a list of the Pros either as encouragement to continue further to discover what else might turn out beneficial or basically as fodder for another post. 🙂

  • Writing about my life encourages me to shine a new light on it. I couldn’t just write an article griping unless I discovered a strong closing statement, something to wrap-up the complaint. After all, I recall a manager saying don’t come to me with an issue unless you can offer up a solution. He had a point. What good does it do? So part of my process in mentally germinating posts involved finding resolutions to emotional, stressful issues. Sometimes I found them. Other times … I have drafts remaining in my lists awaiting a wrap-up that only a path through life might bring.
  • This whole posting daily gives me strong motivation for free-writes. What I especially appreciate about free-writes is the push forward. I struggle, in my opinion, with keeping flow to my works because I have a tendency to backtrack (even while reading) and I lose the rhythm. Too many revisions are like too many obstacles along a river–dams, bridges, and debris–and a reader will never get the feel for the current of the story. The NaBloPoMo gives me the discipline to keep at it. Not every day spills forth without restriction. Sometimes I have to scrape the water along with a squeegee but other times I step away from the computer feeling fulfilled, even if I never receive a like; it’s still out there for anyone to read, maybe someday, for my unborn son.
  • Isn’t it amazing how different aspects of your life can come together in one post? That’s how I felt at one point. I’d find myself rambling on, building to a point and then I recall something I read or an experience in life that surprisingly connects with these words. I feel a little wiser, not just older, because I’ve lived things that are relatable.
  • Back to my pregnancy, and now back to my life before children, which is where I can go, re-visit, through the documentation of this month. I’ve been given the chance to take a snapshot of time before a complete life makeover. A whole month, I’d like to believe, while recording each day (maybe not so much on novella days), allows me a decent glimpse of how I was, mentally and all the other -ally’s before our family branched anew.
  • Lastly, I feel strengthened in my confidence to commit. Sometimes I wonder about my conviction and discipline, when I flake-off on a project, but I usually know it is not worth the continued effort. I recall a prompt about whether it is better to be good at a lot of things or an expert of one thing. When it comes to hobbies, I like to be competent but not an artist. When it comes to writing … it is a passion of which I don’t think I’ll ever be rid. Becoming an expert on it is a matter for Time to tell. However, back on track, this NaBloPoMo is one of those rare things where I sign-on to something, and when I do, I mean to see it through, weighing the decision before entering my name into the system. Now, I feel confirmed, reassured; I may lack conviction in some things, but I can commit, understand the meaning of it when I do. Yes, I’m presumptuous here but all the greater push to get through a few more days. Thank you, peer Bloggers, for your encouragement and follows. They fed my desire to keep going.

Happy Thanksgiving. Give your family, whoever they are in your mind, a call. They’d love to hear from you. If they’ve ever given you anything in life–an encouraging word, a supportive shoulder, a bit of flashlight’s gleam in the middle of the night–they care about you.


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