Mom-To-Be Be a Mom, Indeed

I have not forgot. In fact, I am looking forward to picking up the novella where I left off. After all, we are so close to the finish anyway. However, my husband and I have had a special delivery and are engrossed in our leave time. Our schedules have drastically changed and life will never be the same. 🙂 We welcomed our son holding hands throughout the arduous event and now find our days and nights completely fulfilled. Adjustments are coming, some slower than others, and I hope to have some sort of pattern developed in the near future. I’ll cling to hope while understanding what human life would dare to run a predictable route through life? Thank you for your patience. I’ve updated my Twitter bio and should do so here as well. No longer Pregnant and Dreaming Vividly, I have reached a new stage in life … Mom and Sleeping Briefly. 🙂 The rest of the time, I gaze adoringly at the miracle creation whose little hand grasps my husband’s thumb with all his might.


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