There’s No Stopping Him … Now

June First:  He was on the floor, tummy time having commenced moments earlier, and he propped up, leaned into one shoulder and I swore he was going to topple over, his first roll over. I experienced two things in tandem: happiness and terror. Seeing he was capable had me joyous and then I decided he could wait a little while. There’s no rush. I actually preferred him immobile, I decided in that instant. He complied and remained on his tummy satisfied with his ability to pull himself to the right and get in line with the toy. I should have known this was coming.

June Second: Laid him down for his afternoon nap, singing his calming song about a certain dragon in the land of Hannah Lee, and he rubbed his eyes. He was definitely going to be out for an hour, at least, I decided as I strolled around his bassinet and he arched his back, lifting him enough to angle his head and keep me in his line of sight. I looked away, at the door, the corner of the bassinet as I rounded it, whatever, and then I glanced back and he had his arm caught beneath him as he now lay on top of it. I had missed it, but the proof was there. The milestone felt a little dashed as I questioned how aware he was about what he’d done. I’d like to see him do it again, but I was trying to encourage sleep. I knew it was coming and yet he still had me dazed at the accomplishment. Had it really happened?

When I told his grandparents and aunt, I texted there is no protecting him now. He was on the move and he’ll be venturing on his own, the whole goal, of course.

Two weeks ago, he’d been on a blanket shaded by glorious trees, and he marveled, silenced by their dance in the breeze. I amiably talked with my mom, at ease by his side because he was going nowhere. He drifted off to sleep under leaves and calming words. I wrapped the blanket around him and the moment was perfect, one I’ll never have again because he can move, has control over where he’ll be located.

I say there’s no stopping him, adding a thoughtful now as I decide there was never any stopping him. He was growing since birth, growing since conception. This day was coming; I was hoping for it, but now that it is here, I’m relieved and ready to have my baby back for a while longer. ‘Guess it won’t be happening, though. Roll on, little guy. Next time, he’ll be asking for the car keys. 🙂 The world is his.


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