Exposing kefir: What it did for me.

Based on spelling and pronoun use, I am not talking about Sutherland. I had no knowledge of this yogurt smoothie drink until my son’s pediatrician offered it as a way to appease his sore throat. A sore throat in an eight-month old can prove fairly stressful. He refuses to swallow anything and feeding had to become a tad more forceful as we employed distractions to keep him hydrated and fighting off fever.

I wanted to share my experience to give other parents options when battling these symptoms:

  • He woke from a nap with a flushed face and I confirmed a fever of about 101.
  • After twenty-four hours and no sign of new teeth erupting through the gum line, I decided further diagnosis had to be done.
  • Near this time, a day after onset of fever, he would refuse to nurse and, when I tried solids, he would swallow once, maybe twice, and then cry inconsolably, remnants of pureed food seen in his open mouth.

With the assistance of ibuprofen and kefir diluting the coarseness of his foods, we had his temperature regulated and him swallowing easily in a matter of one or two days.

A sippy cup had not been a viable option as it seemed he wanted to avoid anything which required suckling. Anyone who’s had a sore throat could relate. So, though it was sloshy, we stuck with a spoon and had better luck with a deeper spoon. In our case, we used a measuring spoon IE a one-half teaspoon or smaller.

Finally, I’m posting this because I’d like to see how much attention my article garners by giving the headline a dark twist. However, in fact, I am very pleased with kefir. It felt great, cold-coating my throat, when my son finally shared his sickness with me. 🙂


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