Why A Car Turns Ogre

Yesterday’s experience allows me to shed more light into the process of auto repair. Even with wisdom, the car is like … an onion! It can have layers of issues and the one which concerns the driver might not be discovered until other noises are addressed.

You can’t mute car noises.

Take my acquaintance for example, after his test drive was complete, the car was driven into the garage and the front tires swapped–taken off and moved from side to side. The rubber had uneven wear which means a bumpy surface hitting the road and could rumble over whatever else the car tries to say.

It can look expensive from the start.

Also, during the drive, they still attempted to narrow down other noises at the same time, attempting to cut corners, and noticed one hum or grind seemed to be dependent on the condition of deceleration but only in a specific speed range. This suggested a transmission gear.

Patience and thoroughness pays off (or invest time=save money)

Taking the time to eliminate one issue happily revealed re-building the transmission would not be necessary. Placing a load at the wheels, i.e. making a hard turn–notice how you lean in on a turn and how it shifts weight to one hip joint–shifts weight to the bearing and, if it is suffering, the volume declaring its torture will go up in decibels.

More work needs to be done.

Parts still need to be purchased, and labor provided to install them, in order to clam up the wheel bearing. Cars do need maintenance whether they are autonomous machines or not, but keeping up on the small noises can help keep the layers minimized and you from being teary-eyed. 🙂


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