Shrug Off Advice–Stick To It

I might be over-analyzing a child’s board book, but it really spoke to me as I read aloud to my ten-month-old. This isn’t the first time I’ve gained insight from dealing with my son. Some of the simplest activities can roll over to more complicated scenarios.For example, during his first days of wriggling across the floor for his favorite toy barely out of reach, I can see how close he is and he is oh so close, but he sees it differently. So, if someone tells you to keep trying, you can nod then immediately dismiss their encouragement like they don’t know, but maybe they see something you do not. After all, you are extremely focused on the goal from one acute angle. Step back a moment, breathe, look again. With enough practice, you gain the strength to crawl.

Now that I’ve gotten the above typed out as I’ve wanted to for a while, I’d like to get back to the main theme–a bear’s story. 🙂

Thank You Bear, illustrated by Greg E. Foley, follows a bear with an idea. He encounters other animals saying Bear is holding it wrong or it’s been done before and so on. He begins to doubt. A final animal meets him and loves the idea, proclaiming the idea as “the greatest thing ever.”

If you see where I’m going with this, good; message sent, and I hope it resounds. As a writer recently finding a home for my first novel, I tried. I submitted again and again to different individuals who would reply how the story didn’t connect with them and to keep trying. Ugh! I hated their latter encouragement by the end, even from my family whom I requested they not inquire about my writing pursuits anymore because hiatus, or whatever, I felt I needed to stop.

Obviously, my cessation didn’t last. I figured I prefer to cling to hope. I like having that to wait on each time I check my e-mail. Hope was better than emptiness, nothing pursued. My acceptance came very shortly afterward. My editor may not have said, “it’s the greatest thing ever,” but close enough for me. 🙂

Continuous querying is the search for the right person for your story or idea.


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