The Good with The Bad

Not taking a break from being a stay-at-home mom has cost me a few days hard labor. As in, I was forced to sit on my hands and let my husband carry our son around for a few days while I recovered from a herniated disc. Say what? How could this happen?

Well, apparently, lifting car parts for a decade didn’t toughen me up for the repetition of lifting my son for changing, feeding, sleeping, comforting, etc. My weakness for slouching probably had something to do with it, too.

Anyway, on the same day I was forced to call my husband and rush him home from work due to lancing pain in my lower back and down one leg, we waited for the time to make my urgent appointment and I checked my e-mail. I received the cover art for my first ebook and it looked excellent. It was a sheer delight on a rather ridiculous-seeming day; a yet-to-be toddler who gets better at toddling/walking each day had reduced his mother to crawling. Bleh!

I thank Soul Mate Publishing for giving me the opportunity to think up my own cover art. Some publishing houses say they’re in charge of the art and the author must accept what they create. Since I had been expecting such, I had never thought once of what my the cover for my book would look like, composition and color. Then Soul Mate, after signing their contract, sends me a form and I am in the driver’s seat. I enjoyed taking the scenic route 😉 and hope you do, too. Please come back for a visit when I have the chance to reveal what their artists and my input had put together for my contemporary romance to be released in the near future.

(I lifted my son again, today. Yay! What a pleasure and should keep me motivated through several more PT sessions.)



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