How’s My Bait?

My book hook needs a critical look, please.

Greetings Fellow Writers and/or Readers:

I entreaty help. My editor appreciates the condensed blurb to my upcoming release. However, the head of promotion finds it a little offside.

With the scales balanced, I ask you to provide your weight via your input. Does the below summary titillate or should it capitulate to something else?

In the Rocky Mountains, there’s more than one way to fix cars and passions, but Sara doubts anyone can repair her level of distrust even as she gives a small town mechanic the chance. With no other way to gain what she desires, she agrees to his suspicious deal of following him across the Rockies in exchange for her specialized automotive education. Down to her last hope, she fears her heart will never be the same once their bargain is over.

Looking forward to your feedback as it will make all the difference, Kendra

For a more in-depth description please visit SMP–Sara’s Last Resort.



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