Compose Then MUST Summarize

My publisher recently posted a blog regarding book blurbs right after I shared in the wonderful struggle of composing one for my up and coming release.

Yesterday, I heard the quote attributed to Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” I haven’t satisfied my nagging need to balance out the equation because I want to acknowledge the truth in his words, but how does it match up with my publisher’s admittance that numerous writers flee in terror at the thought of summarizing their book?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:In order to complete a brief video/book trailer of my yet-to-be release, I needed to reduce my 65,000-word story to ten. Between the promoter and myself, the e-mails and replies grew as she explained how my sentence did not make sense. I had to reach out, yank myself back by the collar of my shirt to see what I had from additional angles. I have the most in-depth information on this work and I had to relay to those who have nothing while enticing them at the same time.

Thankfully (though I didn’t think so at the time), I had to fill out a form for what I would like to see as the art for my book cover. In the process, thinking of what images attach to the symbolism I desire and how I want to emphasize certain aspects of the story, I gave myself the central focus words I was after though I didn’t know it at the time. I had to do a one-eighty and remember those plans.

Can I still explain my story simply? I might stammer a bit when approached and found unprepared. Simply are the nouns, or subjects (characters, setting) of you book, and verbs (genre) placed in the order dictated by a grammatical sentence. We write sentences all the time. I sure make it sound basic, but I must be in the right frame of mind and that might be gained by looking as a reader while balancing the theme of my book with what I want them to see and what I think they want to see. It takes a certain clarity of the moment.

Yes, and no. I can explain it a thousand times simply and still not get across the point I want because each person perceives differently. Am I ridiculously, insanely trying to apply science to art? It seems that’s what advertising wants us to do.

Read the book (once it’s out), to understand in your own way. I told it how I wanted to, and you receive it as you wish along with how the world and society has shaped you. Until then, I’ll keep trying to dribble tidbits in order to whet more appetites. I certainly appreciate the candid feedback of the SMP staff.

I would like to know if you’ve had similar struggles or your various, scattered thoughts on the matter. I’m still ironing mine out and not sure if every wrinkle will flatten. Although, those bumps keep my mental track interesting. Every time I run it, I’m not sure what I’ll stumble across next.


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