Tweaking My Book Blurb

My editor promised me final round of edits after this one. That’s great! But, now what?

I toil under sleepless nights. Why touch my next WIP (Work In Progress) because her word could come any day?

Getting published this first time is . . . everything to me. I am quite skilled at looking down the road, planning ahead but, right now, I seem to have trouble getting the horizon to focus.

A fellow writer previously suggested areas in which my book’s back cover synopsis could be strengthened. I decided to apply my indefatigable mental prowess to the chore. Okay, that sounds arrogant. How about I just say I want to exhaust my brain muscle so I can find slumber in my bed tonight? Why couldn’t it be this insatiable on a write-my-next-scene night?

If you’re in the mood to nitpick at the level I am, please apply your given (God, DNA, both) talents and hard-earned skill to the lines below:


By: Kendra Vasquez

Sara McDaniels, educated automotive technician, drives her truck off the road in a small, Rocky Mountain town. She never intended needing another mechanic in her life, but Jason Cole, Sauk City’s only grease monkey, has the resources she needs. After abandoning Denver, Colorado with its cheats and liars in the auto repair business, she has no reason to trust Jason but, when she follows his non-assuming, muscular form over a few mountain trails, meets his intense gray gaze, she feels her defenses weaken. Her fierce will builds up its walls, ever wary, for how can she learn the truth about him without revealing her hopes and heart in the process?

Jason Cole must salvage his shop from a greasy pit of fraud compliments of his ex-employee. Hearing of Sara’s arrival in town and her background in automotive, he tracks her down and finds her completely unwilling to cooperate. Her education could get his shop back on track but her prejudice keeps anything automotive-related at bay. He takes the personal route, discovers the mountains are her natural element, and stumbles upon her more fragile side. The last thing he’d planned on was getting lost tracing trails in her wide, forest-green eyes. He holds off telling Sara about his fraudulent past. If he breaks her burgeoning trust, it may be the one thing he can’t re-build. How can he ever see the mountains again without her in them?

Neither of them wants to see Jason’s business fail. They share a passion for hands-on repairs, and for each other. Sara means to see this through to the end, see if Jason can exceed her expectations. When she discovers his secrets, will Jason’s past make her run again? Did Jason have any idea in the beginning he was her last resort?

Thank you for your effort in providing feedback.

My book release party will see more invitees than my wedding!


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