When Words Aren’t Enough . . . or Too Much

Prioritize my passions and you’d find writing leading against automotive. However, when it comes to some basic instructions on repair or simply locating a component, I turn to visual aids. No matter how many times my husband might explain something, I’ll go cross-eyed somewhere in the middle and yearn for a dry-erase board to depict the basic points of his highly detailed explanation.

I find it happening in well-described fight scenes or exceedingly specific settings of fictional material as well. Does anyone else share my struggle?

For some instances, there is nothing that can be done. However, for other moments, I seek out assistance via the all-knowing web, with a grain of salt, of course.

My point, beyond a tendency to acquire functional knowledge via observation, is should you ever feel overwhelmed by description and think it beyond you, try finding an animated version or even a real-life version (YouTube) of the event, activity, or component location.

For example, my Ford’s owner’s manual insisted there was a place to plug in my iPhone and allow such things as listening to online radio. For the life of me, I couldn’t find it. There was even a photo! Yes, well, whoever took the photo must have had the car turned inside out or had the camera perfectly positioned inside the center console. After a couple internet searches, I ventured on my quest and made the discovery previously made by others. It was more of a touch, can’t see, sort of find.

If any of my previous or future blog posts cause the cross-eyed side effect, feel free to inform me, (I have been known to overwhelm with the minutest details and lose focus on the over-reaching idea) but I also encourage you to widen your search before throwing in the towel. It’s amazing and great how resource materials can simplify the most complicated of concepts or, for some, like me, those sources just arrange the pieces together until I finally get the ah-ha picture leading to a possible self-duh moment.

But that’s when you just delete your search engine history so no one will ever know you had to look it up in the first place. 😉




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