Lucky To Wait

Thank you to all my followers. I’m glad I haven’t felt the need to continuously pepper your e-mail boxes with updates about new posts. However, I realize I haven’t given much reason of late for you to acknowledge my existence. 🙂

Indeed, I am waiting for the return of an edited manuscript. I can’t seem to reach for the muscle needed to move the grindstone until I’ve received feedback on this work. In the end, it is not wholly a bad thing because I have had other distractions in my life at this current time. I should not beg for more to be added to the pile.

Once the ball is in my court, I will have to act fast, as I’ve learned from past experiences I feel fortunate to have gained from Soul Mate Publishing. Their main editor recently informed their writers that all works published through them will eventually be headed to print. Yes! My book will escape the e-universe and can be physically held instead of flinging one’s mental body through the obstacle course of online downloading through apps, accounts, and devices whatnot. Now, back to my ms (manuscript) currently being reviewed, the demands of revision will have a strict deadline and I’ll have nothing else to expect in my mail until I’ve sent it back.

I like having the subconscious knowledge of waiting on something in the mail. If there isn’t something pending in the mail, even if it’s an expected rejection letter, I feel fairly inactive in my life and rush to rectify the matter. Yes, I am aware if I’m not writing now, I will have nothing to submit later, but I am composing the next book in the series to the first on which I await response. Of course, I have other titles needing a few read-overs and complete revisions since they’re in first draft stage, but I can’t move past the point of waiting. I gobble up books during the interim. But, perhaps, getting my fingers flying here in an address to you, will encourage them to make their move on other works.

Occasionally, I do delve into where the second story’s plot currently stalls and I’ve developed new twists which thrilled me at the time of their discovery. Who knows what other things I might contrive during this time of waiting. I do not write down most of these ideas because they are still shifting, trans-morphing, and once pen is put to paper, it seems to put a permanent sting to things whereas in my mind, ideas will hit no boundaries. I may lose some of the finer detail from my conscious self but fresh things surface once I finally commence the writing process. The nagging continues inside–I must start writing again soon. I’ll take this day to review those new plot lines I’ve devised and see if I feel more comfortable with where things will head should I take this route.

Will the characters have enough story left or too much after these series of events? Does this scene seem a bit extreme or daring? I still have to get these other characters into the limelight soon. I can’t believe I’ve already gotten this many words down for this manuscript and there is still so much to develop. It simply means I have plenty to hone down for the smoothest read in the end.

And so I wait, contemplate, and keep my presence. I’m still out here!

My romantic suspense with automotive emphasis is hot on my figurative high heels because I’ve gotta slip them on somewhere in here. They’ll be getting their share of the attention soon.



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