About Me

I continue to build on from where this site began. Again, it has always been meant to boost my online presence in order to attract as many interested readers toward my published works. Yes! I get to pluralize now–I have two books released to the Amazon and Barnes and Noble world, thanks to Soul Mate Publishing. I have been fortunate in receiving a recent addition to the family. After 39 weeks growing, our second son wanted to hit the ground running this last January. As a result my Woman, Writing, and Automotive site will broaden its range of topics. I still write, am still of a certain gender, and operate an automobile, occasionally seeking parts for it, but life encompasses more. I hope you will benefit. (3/22/2018)

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find my original foundation from which my blog sprouted. However, with the arrival of my first born and recent acquisition of a publishing contract, I find my focus must shift for a time. Automotive remains central to the majority of my fictional works and I would appreciate your interest in them, but, as a result, my future posts will not be about the latest and greatest in terms of automotive. Those will have to wait until I’m back behind the wheel of my parts career. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to this opportunity to pursue my lifelong writing dreams while allowing myself time for imaginative play with my son and husband. I hope to share the greatest experiences here. (9/24/2016)

When I was a girl, I’d read signs at car shops and think, why do cars need tire rotations? Aren’t they always rotating when going down the road? And yet, from there, I’ve gotten an automotive degree and have held valued positions in new car dealerships across the states. As I pursue (& practice) my writing career, I hope to pass on (in layman’s terms as much as possible) my experience, hoping it will help others feel better when they travel through the car-repair world, and, sometimes specifically, the world of buying parts. (10/8/2015)

I wanted to know what the secret was that excluded me. Fortunately, those four-wheel machines ended up fascinating me. Some of their systems made perfect sense, to me. Others … took an instructor or two to iron out the connections. But not all of us have that particular drive to make sense of the machines we call automobiles. I hope to discover that we don’t have to know all the systems of the car to feel comfortable in getting them repaired. I’m writing toward the goal that when you take your car to a service center, you can feel a little empowerment doing so. (8/26/2015)


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